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Gordan Beach
The Holy Land. The home of God’s chosen people. When people hear Israel they probably think of all the conflict in the middle east. However, Tel Aviv is one of the most progressive and cosmopolitan cities in the world and is in the top 10 list of the most expensive cities in the world to live. This city truly never sleeps, there is something to do 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The history of Jerusalem goes back over 5000 years. One could spend an entire week touring the wine vineyards in the Golan. No matter if you plan to enjoy the beaches of Tel Aviv, float in the Dead Sea or visit the holy sites in Jerusalem you’ll discover whatever time you plan to spend in Israel, it will never be long enough. There is just too much to experience in this eadness land on the Mediterranean Ocean.
Shuk Beach
First let’s talk about flying to Israel. Only select cities around the world have direct flights into Israel. There are only six cities in the United States that fly directly into Tel Aviv. Boston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Newark, and San Francisco with service being provided by United Airlines and El Al Airlines. Flights are daily from all US cities. However, since most of the world’s population doesn’t live in one of the six cities or the surrounding areas we are all looking at two flights to get to Tel Aviv. And that is whole new ballgame with multiple carriers stopping in other cool cities along the way where you could possibly do a day or two layover and have a double vacation. I’ve included a link to www.go-Tel for more information about nonstop flights and the cities that they originate from to Tel Aviv.
Beach Hotels
Accommodations in Israel very from beachfront luxury hotels on the Mediterranean Ocean to Israeli Kibbutz in the north Golan Heights. Israel is also filled with vacation rental homes by owner that can be found on many of the rental sites such as My personal favorite hotel is the Renaissance Hotel in Tel Aviv on the beach. The Renaissance Hotel isn’t a beachfront hotel it’s on the beach stepping out of the back entrance to the hotel put you directly on the beach toes in the sand.

First thing I do upon arriving Israel is eat real Israeli food. There are so many amazing restaurants featuring cuisine from around the world throughout Israel. But nothing beats the good main Mediterranean diet of the Israeli people. Dining out Israeli style consist of the 16 course salad that’s enough to fill you up. Pita, homeless, eggplant, falafel are just the starter of any meal in Israel. Being that Israel is the country on Ocean seafood place an important part in the local cuisine. However a good portion of the higher end restaurants in Israel will abide by some type of kosher law and may limits their menus to no dairy in order to serve meat. And don’t expect to find a Starbucks in Israel because the Israeli coffee is just too good to pass up.
Eating with Family
If there’s one thing is real is known for its their nightlife and it doesn’t start till midnight. And it’s not uncommon to see Beautiful Israeli soldiers with machine guns strapped on their back dancing in the club in the latest European fashion. Some of the best nightclubs in Tel Aviv are also oceanfront on the boardwalk that spans down the length of the Mediterranean Ocean between Tel Aviv and Jaffa.
Overlooking Golan Heights
Israel is blessed with 170 miles of coastline, most of it is pristine beaches and the crystal blue water of the Mediterranean Ocean is just the right temperature. The beaches feature wonderful restaurants and waitstaff so that you don’t even have to leave your lounge chair and break up your suntan in order to get drinks and eat. But be sure to listen to the lifeguards because they will remove you from the beach if you don’t follow their instructions on water safety. Those instructions will be given in a multitude of languages including English. The sun tan from the Mediterranean salty air in Israel is like none other around the world.
Golan Heights or also referred to as wineland by me. While only 30% of the wine manufactured in Israel is kosher it supplies 90% of all wine consumed in Israel. And kosher wine is made throughout the world. But there’s something special about the Israeli winemaking maybe it’s the grapes grown in the desert maybe it’s the temperatures in which it sits in barrels aging maybe it’s because God watching over it but there’s just something different about it a unique taste. And like most things Israeli it’s unforgettable.
Dead Sea
The Dead Sea. A salt content so high in the water you float like you’re on a raft. For centuries the Dead Sea has been known for its healing waters. There are several resorts that surround the Dead Sea that make for a great overnight trip to some of the most exotic spas in the world. And let’s not forget the beauty products made from the dead sea salt in the local factories on the edge of the sea. These are the very products that are shipped all over the world but this is the source. And stock up because you’ll never find better pricing on Dead Sea cosmetics then at the Dead Sea.

Eilat Israel the playground in the south. This is the southernmost city in Israel and it gets hot here. Ever looking both Saudi Arabia and Jordan you’re in middle of the desert. But this resort town is not only a domestic tourist destination but an international destination. The beautiful beaches, coral reefs, nightlife and desert landscapes are not to be missed when visiting Israel.
UN Peacekeepers
The Galie Sea is great for a fun day of water sports. And there are several historical sites and museums documenting the Six-Day War and a must see for anybody visiting Israel. Probably the most fascinating thing about the Six-Day War is that for most people, it is not history it is a memory within their lifetime that changed the make up of the Middle East forever.
Western Wall Market
Jerusalem this is where it all began. Almost every popular religion in the world is represented in some form or fashion in Jerusalem. But the most impressive place to visit in Jerusalem is The World Holocaust Remembrance Center, Yad Vashem. This is truly a life changing experience. To call The World Holocaust Remembrance Center a museum doesn’t do it justice. It is a constant work in progress by Jewish communities around the world to commemorate the over 6 million Jewish people who parish during World War II. There are no headstones there are no ashes there are no burial sites to remember these people by so there is The Hall of Names. This massive circular room with the somber black books contains the name of every person known to have died from the Holocaust. I’ve included the link, so you can plan your visit.

There are so many things to see doing experience while in Israel the list is never ending and as with all my blog posts introducing a destination this is the first of the series. I have only touched on a few of the things to do, see and in experience while in Israel in this article. Be sure to subscribe towards newsletter so that you will be informed when you articles in this series are published.

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