About Jeannine

Hi, my name is Jeannine

Color is my world. I am a painter. I don’t paint artwork that hangings in an office lobby or home somewhere. I paint the buildings and change the skyline. All that color inside and out that makes a building different than the one next door is what I do every day. Color is my inspiration and I see beautiful colors everyday all day that will never be use on all those buildings. All these colors are the inspiration behind my designs at Eadness Life.

My prints are from my hand painted designs that feature different textures from brushes, types of paint and color blends. Also, the colors and prints have a beachy vacation vibe because I live life on the water when I am not working. Fishing and boating are my happy place no matter if it is on Lake Texoma or Zihuatanejo, Mexico.

Fun fact – I have so much fun picking the Eadness Life colors and print names. If you're looking for a nautical navy swimsuit, coral and white striped yoga capris or green and pink sports bra, we have you covered in the happiest prints and colors around. With floral prints and other fun patterns, you'll love our printed activewear, swimwear and accessories.

All my designs are exclusive to Eadness Life.  By the way, what is an Eadness Life? A happy life.

#Eadness Life